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Scott K said:
1) The closer the tip of the rod is to the Point of the "V" in your "D" loop, the more you can maximize the power and load of your blank and dynamic of the D loop into the forward cast?

True, or False?
Although I think you make a good point, I am not sure I agree completely with tip-V proximity being a primary criteria for max loading of a rod. For instance, if you used a short head of 30 feet, the tip would be closer to the "V", but would it provide more load than a well formed d-loop made in an 85 foot line of equal grains? In an overhead cast the V is moving rapidly away from the tip and at it's furthest point the maximum load can be achieved. Understanding that a spey cast is very different, it's not so different that an extended belly V if well formed would provide less load because it's far away necessarily.

Much like the overhand cast, I find the best loading when the V is rolling backward away from the tip with good dynamic tension in a balanced manner in the d-loop just before I hit it with the forward stroke.

2) To form a powerful high D loop, you should always raise your rod during the back cast to form your D loop?

True, or False?

Feel free to elaborate if you feel there is a bit of both involved.

I feel there is some possibility, depending on answers, for answers to #1 and #2 to contradict each other for some people. But that's the beauty of spey casting: different strokes for different folks.

Like most folks I usually lift upward at the end of the d-loop sweep, which makes the d-loop easier to form and hold in check as things come 'round until it's time to make the forward stroke. This makes it easier to cast a longer line on a shorter spey rod for me as well, because I can drive the rod forward in a longer power stroke. The key is to hold the d-loop in dynamic tension until ready to make a cast, and raising the tip helps.

One can flatten the backcast out and drive a powerful cast with zero rise if desired.

Good discussion!
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