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Just lately I've been fighting a bad case of tailing loops. (Or is it a trailing loops?) In any case, no matter what I did nothing seemed to help. In fact the harder I tried, the worse they got. So I did a little research here and other sites and I came across a piece on sexyloops that talks about casting with less power.

In our minds when we start throwing longer lines we just assume we have to apply more power. In order to throw a REALLY long line we assume we have to apply a TON of power.

Not so!

In fact to make a really nice cast you need to apply as little power as is possible. One of my favorite demonstrators from "The Art of Spey Casting" DVD is Andy Murray. Why? Because he casts gently. Watch the other casters on the video and you will see that in just about all cases they use very little effort to make those long casts.

So I took my old whippy 8 wt single handed rod out to the back yard to give it a try. It's amazing how little effort is needed to throw 70 feet of line if you let the rod do the work rather than trying to force it. The total cost of the outfit was less than $50 and it was tossing line out there with just a little flick back and a little flick forward. The best part, no more tailing loops. :D

So rather than trying to haul out a mile of line with a powerful cast, perfect technique and let the rod throw that line instead.
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