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I know this doesn't go here, but this forum get's all the hits!!!

Two quick phone calls will help keep oil and gas development out of the Sacred Headwaters
Shell Canada wants to drill for coalbed methane in the Sacred Headwaters, but all the amazing work we’ve done together has kept them away for two years.
Click here to find out more about our campaign
We are so close
A number of signs suggest the BC government and Shell might just be rethinking the project.
They’ve received thousands of resolutions against drilling from First Nations, municipalities, fishermen, unions and ordinary citizens in BC. You can sign your own copy online.
They’ve heard from prominent Canadians, like Maude Barlow, National Chairperson of the Council of Canadians, and Wade Davis, Explorer in Residence at National Geographic.
They’ve learned that the Sacred Headwaters is such a special place, it meets UNESCO’s criteria for designation as a World Heritage site.
And today, an ad in the Calgary Herald (see the bottom of this message) is going to ramp up the pressure on Shell to make the right decision.
So now comes the fun part!
On Friday, HUNDREDS of people across BC and Alberta will phone Gordon Campbell and Shell and let them know to keep CBM drilling out of our Sacred Headwaters FOREVER!
Join us! It’s as easy as making two quick phone calls. Just pick up the phone between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Friday, November 21st and follow the instructions below.
With the amount of resistance shown to this development, Gordon Campbell and Shell will be forced to make the right decision.
Thanks for you all your support, and keep up the awesome work!
Shannon McPhail
Two Important Phone Calls
The numbers are listed below – When you get through or reach an answering machine, you can read the following script, or leave your own message:
Hi my name is ________, and I’m calling about Shell’s plan to drill for coalbed methane in BC’s Sacred Headwaters.
I don’t think the oil and gas industry should be able to drill in special places like the Sacred Headwaters, which should be a legacy for all Canadians.
I encourage [Premier Campbell / Mr. Straub] to do the right thing and protect the Sacred Headwaters.
Thank you for passing this message along.
Brian Straub, President of Shell Canada: 403-691-3111
A receptionist will answer your call; ask to speak with Mr. Straub’s assistant.
BC Premier, Gordon Campbell: 250-387-1715
An assistant will likely answer your call.

Call guys! It's only a couple minuts out of your day -
Don't be a couch potato :tsk_tsk: and leave it to chance, be heard!!!;)
Come on guys, make a couple of phone calls! When I called they said they had had many phone calls about this issue, and it was VERY IMPORTANT! So take a second and CALL!

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Many thanks for posting this and doing exactly as you did!

Thanks again, less than 3 min's of my time TOTAL.....worked exactly as you said(I'm sure that's less than many think about any buysell ad of interest to them). Very professional and receptive on the other end, fully logged as they should be.

Rack'em up
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