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I can't believe this. On August 10th, I go out fishing with a guide on the Feather with my pretty darn new Redington 7/8 Spey rod. It hadn't been fished, I had only practiced with it. After just a very few casts, I hookup, fight a fish for about 20 minutes and then lose it due to operator error (Keep the rod tip up!!) . A couple of casts later, I get another grab, set the hood and break the rod about an inch below the ferrule in the butt section. Yes, the joint was tight. We couldn't remove the stub end with our forceps. The guide is using the exact same model rod, and we continue our fishing. I keep hooking up and fighting, but don't manage to bring a fish to hand. The dues of learning to fly fish for Salmon...

Today, I get the replacement. I take it out on the lake and an hour and a half later, while practicing (rather pathetically) snake rolls, pop goes the rod again. Same spot, maybe a tiny bit lower. The stub end is still in place, and again, is good and tight. I had just checked the join to see if it was tight about 15 minutes prior, and in fact had even tightened it up slightly and rotated the upper portion to keep the guides aligned properly. I didn't even have all the belly of a Windcutter 7/8/9 out of the guides. It popped while making the forward stroke. Yes I was putting some power to the rod, but nothing like what a Salmon would be doing.

While Redington did deliver the replacement without question, and pretty fast too, I'm starting to think I ought to take store credit towards a different rod.

Hoy no es mi dia,
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