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I asked an acquiantance (and the best streamer tyer I know) if he would donate several flies from the Cains River Streamer series for an upcoming fundraiser. Like all the generous tyers I know, he came through with fly colors (quite literally). Now, how to frame them? Photos are always nice to frame with flies, but maps are pretty cool too. But try and find a frame-able map of the Cains River! So I decided to draw my own, while looking at all the unframe-able maps I could find. Took several (OK, five) days, but I got it done, scanned it, added place names (MS Paint), and printed it out on #140 watercolor paper.

I've never triple-matted anything, but this set-up kind of asked for it, so I went for it. Kind of a classic color set to my way of thinking. Will start the frame tomorrow and have it done in time for the start of the next Miramichi Salmon Assoc. - U.S. online auction in a few days.

It was a fun project. Made me think I was back in fifth grade doing geography projects, lol!

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