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Cabela's 6-wt

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Has anyone cast the 6-wt "hand and a half" Spey stick that Cabela has? It seems like it would be a fun rod for trout and smallmouth.
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We'uns ain't got no steelhead in the Ozarks!

Thanks for your prompt and complete reply. I've been playing a 9-wt Scott but it's way too much rod for this area (I bought it to overhead cast the surf on a couple of trips to the salt every year). However, it has really given me the bug for the grace and pleasure of the two-handed rod. So-o-o, out comes the credit card....
Cabela's 6-wt in hand

OK, I bought one and tried it this Sunday.... I like it (I guess), but it's taking some getting used to. Being a type-A personality caster I feel like I have time to go out for coffee while it's loading on the backcast. The perceived slowness of the rod is just that, "perceived." It is a progressive action as Doublespey says, and definately NOT an intermediate fast action like the catalog says. :rolleyes: I fished it with a 7-wt Wulff longbelly that may be overloading it a bit (my experience with progressive actions is too limited to make an accurate judgement) so I'll borrow a 6-wt line for my next outing and try that.

I will say this: it's well-made and suited to the purpose for which I bought it (trout and smallmouth). It should be a lot of fun once I get smooth with it. As it is, I was getting a lot of stares at the State Trout Park at Bennett Spring (Missouri).
My intention is to use this rod to Spey cast whenever appropriate. So far I have only been able to fish it at the State Trout Park which even at this time of year is somewhat crowded. I am looking forward to taking it to the White in Arkansas -- the White is quite a bit wider and less like Jones Beach on the Fourth of July as far as people per square meter. So far the long belly seems to be working pretty well and I've been able to handle measured 60-foot snake rolls. However, I do think trying a 6wt Wulff Triangle Taper would be worthwhile....

Thanks for the feedback.
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