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Cabela's 6-wt

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Has anyone cast the 6-wt "hand and a half" Spey stick that Cabela has? It seems like it would be a fun rod for trout and smallmouth.
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Cabela's 6-wt.

I recently got one. I wanted the extra length for better drifts when "indy" fishing for Lake Ontario tribs. I "guessed" that a 9/10 wt reel would balance it - loaded with backing and a 6 wt. double taper balanced it nicely for me (it did). I took it on a shakedown trip the other day, and it did all I wanted it to. Not too much cooperation from the fish, but I did manage a 6 or 7 lb. lake run brown - and she put up a nice fight, and I was able to control her nicely and keep the fight reasonably short - a lot like a steelie of the same size. I'm just learning to "spey" (first time I tried it), but it worked OK. I am really pleased with it. I think you'll be pleased with it. Just remember to get all your line and fly (or popper, or whatever) to the surface before attempting to cast. Takes a little time and a little experimentation to get used to the rhythm, but it really works nice for medium to medium-large streams. I don't know how it would work on a really big river, but there aren't any around here.

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Hey, Maxwell-

My trial trip (first use) was with a 6-wt. double taper. I just put a 7-wt. double taper on it to try. (works OK on my snow-covered lawn! Now to try it fishing!) I think the long belly spey would be a little too much for it - but that my opinion and depends.

Are you going to spey cast with it, or conventional cast? If you are going to conventional cast with it (even two handed), a standard weight forward might be more in order. Just a guess on my part - I have enough (good) lines around the house so I can screw with trying different types (More money than good sense, I guess!).

But a lot really depends on the type casting you are going to do. If you can, experiment until you find the right line for YOUR application.

Just my opinion.

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