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Buying American, fly shows and other topics

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There is a fly fishing expo next week @ Macomb Comunity College. However theres never any deals, and it cost to go there which I never understood becuse its put on by all these high dollar fly shops that want buisness. If I were to run an expo, it would have free admission, so the public isnt spending 15$ on walking around, but 15$ murchandise. By the way I'm fishing the MO this weekend starting Sat, after I pay homage to the 6th st.:D
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fishing finland

Hey, fishing finlind,

What's the purpose in all these posts of yours?

This site (in my opinion) is to share info on two-handed casting and fishing, not to create angst!!

I suggest you use the site in the manner it was intended.

Original purpose of this tread

Hey Jamey,

Sorry this FF hi-jacked your tread. I hope all of you folks back there have a really great event, great fishing, and loads of good friends sharing the campfire!!! The getting together was the original purpose of this tread and I wish you guys back there the best!! Have a great time!! Perhaps some day you can make it out to the PNW for the Sandy or other Claves.


1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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