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Buying American, fly shows and other topics

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There is a fly fishing expo next week @ Macomb Comunity College. However theres never any deals, and it cost to go there which I never understood becuse its put on by all these high dollar fly shops that want buisness. If I were to run an expo, it would have free admission, so the public isnt spending 15$ on walking around, but 15$ murchandise. By the way I'm fishing the MO this weekend starting Sat, after I pay homage to the 6th st.:D
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Wow that sucked...

Sorry guys, reading all of that BS from start to finish sucked. I just got caught up.
Three weeks and counting my friends...let' try and bury this hatchet and go fishing.

Jamey, any solid #'s yet?

I drank some Founders IPA this week...and then tied some flies. I see where some of your ideas come from, so here's a shout to the 6th St. boys!!! Can you boys get that in 1/6th barrels? I could see your Founders IPA with Shorts IPA, and maybe trump you with Shorts 2005 Rocky Top Imperial Porter?!
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