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Burkie 8139-3 or 8142-4

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I've read everything possible on this forum about these two rods.

Here's my situation. I want this rod for a medium size winter steelhead river, with large fish up to 20lb. It has swift, heavy currents and broad, deep riffles. You have to get the fly down fast so it's usually 12' of T14, longer leader and a bullet weight. You need BIG mends and a lot of line control.

I've been going back and forth between the 8139-3 Burkie and the 8142-4. I think the 8139-3 is probably great for this, but I like the convenience of a 4 piece and the fact that the 8142 is also a fantastic dry-line rod as I've read.

Opinions very welcome.
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That's really funny I have been wondering about the exact same thing!! Sorry I can't be of any help since I don't own either of the rods but I will follow this thread closely as I am interested in seeing what others have to say. I am really looking for a 4 piece and leaning towards the 8142 for the reasons you describe as doubling up as a great dry line rod. Good luck on your quest...I have been on this trail for months.
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