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Adjusted for sales to date.

Too many nice rods and reels not getting used... Add $25 for postage for rods in the CONUS or local pick-up in Seattle/Bellevue for free. $35 for the 2-piece rods. $15 postage for reels. PayPal only.

Only interested in the following trades, nothing else: Hardy Zane (0-2) or Fortuna (1-2) reels, Sage 99 bobber rods (5 & 7), T&T Paradigm 4wt (3 or 4 piece) any length.

Bob Clay 904P-2/2; Long light line bamboo, modeled on a Powell taper. Only used a few times. My trout fishing is almost all from a boat these days and I can't bring myself to destroy a nice boo stick banging around in the boat. I'd rather break a Sage and just send it off the be fixed. $850

Rob Hoffhines 804-2/2 Penta; Rob's work is just beautiful. This rod looks new, only used a few times. Selling for the same reason as the Clay but I will never sell the 803 Rob built for me, they can cremate that one with me. $1,000

Guideline LeCie 596-2; Very nice rod that comes with two butts, a 'trout' butt and a 'saltwater' butt. I've done everything from toss dries to lob lead with this and it works great for everything. $200

Angling Specialties 4.5" A/R Centerpin reel - Legendary Canadian 'pin reel. This is a left hand wind anti-reverse reel for the guys that want to centerpin fish for kings... One the the few (only) pin reels with a drag. Excellent condition, only a tiny bit of cosmetic wear from being set down. $500

Sage Evoke 10 - LHW, Stealth/Blaze color, excellent condition, barely used, box & case included $350

Sage Evoke 8 - LHW, Stealth/Blaze color, very good condition except a corrosion spot on the spool from the original owner. I neutralized and cleaned it and it's 100% cosmetic but it's still there. $275

PM's work great if you have questions.
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