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Here we go again!
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Got my Burkie 9145 about a month ago, and I have thrown a buddies several times before that. It is listed as an 8/9/10 but I'd ignore the 10, to me it's an 8/9 rod. It will throw 9/10 lines (9/10 Airflo delta and delta long) but it seems to tax the rod just a bit and tight loops and extra distance is lost.

For long bellies I've been throwing the old 7/8 XLT. Throws the 8/9 ok, but performance seems to be a lot nicer on the 7/8. The new 9 may be nice on it. I believe my friend said he tried the new 8 and it was too light. Also the old 7/8 Grandspey (2004 line) rocks on this rod.

Liked the Airflo delta and delta long 8/9. I've really enjoyed the Delta, a 17 foot hand tied Chameleon leader and 1/2 inch weighted tubes.

Surprisingly the Loop Quattro 9/10 is nice too (I throw this on my 7133), although I think the 10/11 will load the rod more optimally.

I threw the 650 rio skagit line on my buddies rod and it was a touch heavy but really launched big flies. I seldom actually fish with really big, heavy flies and am going to try the Airflo skagit lines in the near future. I'm hoping that for 1" and 1 1/2" weighted tubes this will be the ticket.

You may find the 9/10 lines to your liking, but for me the 8/9's put a load into the butt well enough and the rod performs nicely. To me this rod feels like it fits right in between the Sage 7141 and T&T 1509 as far as power, abillity to carry line and grain weight window. As far as feel goes, there's really no other rod to compare it to because it offaers a light touch in close, tremendous feel throughout and as you lengthen your cast out the rods power just sort of appears and handles what you need it to. The rod is neither fast or slow but has power and feel. Kerry nailed it with this one!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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