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Hi everybody.
I am awaiting the arrival of a Burkie 9143-3 & I am looking for some feedback. I read the review that Dana had written & that's why I jumped on it when I saw one come up for sale in the classifieds(thanks roguespeycaster!;) ).
The questions I had were how this rod compares to my Scott LS2 1509 & my brother's(just passed over 'cause of the new purchase) Sage 9126-3?
I was given some line recommendations but would like additional first hand opinions from forum members. I am wondering what lines would work with different rivers from large (Thompson etc) to med (Vedder/Chilliwack) & what lines are preferred by owners of this rod. How skagit lines, short/mid/long belly lines work on this rod. I will also be chucking 12-15' type 6 & t14 tips in the winter with weighted flies.
Did a search & there was only a few threads regarding this rod.
From what I've read so far, it may relegate my Scott LS2 to be my back up rod or am I jumping the gun on this?
Thanks for any help.
From an excited soon to be Burkie "Rookie" owner:hihi:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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