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BUMMER!----I broke my Burkie 8134-4 CLASSIC Model while King fishing this July at Alaska West.--- The CLASSIC Model is listed on Burkies Web-Site at $895-----Possibly I was a little "Under-guned"?---Anyway, the rod broke in 3 different sections because I did not hand line the fish after the butt section snapped. Instead, my guide held the two sections together by hand, which caused the rod to break in two more sections.----Soooooo bottom line is that the great folks at Burkheimer completely replaced the Rod.---BRAND NEW---------$700 shipped to your door in the CUSA.---Includes Case and cloth ----I will put together some pictures and send them to any one who is actually seriously interested.---Check out Burkies website for specifics and pictures of this rod.---PM me, or send email to [email protected]


Durango, Colorado
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