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Any feedback on the Burkheimer 5 pc. rods--particularly the 9135-5 and 8133-5? I couldn't find a lot of chatter about them, so if you've got one would be interested in your thoughts. Primarily for Atlantic salmon. It seems like it would be helpful to have a carry-on rod for flights "just in case". These days who knows where checked baggage might end up, and it could ruin a trip.

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I know this an old thread but instead of starting a new one I thought I should bump it up...
Travel is making me think about ordering a 5 piece rod.
Any owners out there with first hand experience that might offer up their thoughts?
Thanks in advance.
I have never had an issue with a 4 piece spey rod. Now every rod tube is different, but I have a 13'4" as my longest rod, no clue on exact length of the tube, but I have been able to slip it into overheads on small prop planes to get to remote airports in BC. You do have to take care not to decapitate children with it while running through airports, however.
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