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dutch cornelis
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Hello flyfishing friends from this clave.
still waiting for bether wether i think in USA ! , seems in Europe coming this weekend wind from the south ,its good for my casting pond .
spring is coming .

For the real casters for competition /fishing i have some for sell for you ,meaby some like start with this for castingsport this season ?
can be this message was early placed ,i dont know sorry. [ so meany message].

For sale

Bruce & Walker Competition 18 ft caster brand new januar 2014 buy.

Zpeyline for competition 15 footers 18 footers.brand new.

Next: Guideline LPXE 15 ft : brand new rod . sheape rod with nice action cast like e 13 footer , for big rivers i,m sure for your very heavy skagit /flies !!! or o my god the big king/ chinook from your live /or other fighters on pacific.

always in perfect shape this rods.

sent private or mail to: [email protected]



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People actually fish these beasts, pretty much makes my 13'0 a switch:Eyecrazy:

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These are on another forum,Shows prices at:

Bruce & Walker Competition 18 ft caster is shown at 500 Pounds sterling= $762 USD

Zpeyline for competition 15 footers 18 footers.are shown at 400 Euro each = $440USD

Guideline LPXE 15 ft : Is shown as 4 piece but sold.
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