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Time to do some cleaning out of lines that are not being used. Ideally I would like to sell the box as a whole, but I can sell off individuals. Some of the lines I am not 100% sure of as they have gotten mixed up or mislabeled.

I would prefer trading then selling. Looking to put the lines towards an interest reel or A Nextcast Winter Authority line in the 7wt range.

All prices do not included shipping. I also have pictures but they do not want to upload. I can send direct.

660 Skagit with integrated running line. Old "beer can" taper. $10
460 Skagit "old beer can taper"$10
2 more skagits same style that I do not know the weights.$15
AFS Float Intermediate (Not sure of weight)$25
Guideline PT hover 34'6 @ 506 grains $25
Another line that looks like another AFS Float Intermediate $20
4 tips . I think, 1 floating(yellow black yellow coding)$20
2 Clear, intermediates
1 Sinking

William Joseph "Old School" $35

Everything for $100 or an interesting trade
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