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Bougle issue

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I purchased one of the new Hardy Bougle reels last spring, one if my favorite Hardy's by far, beautiful looking reel and it performs great. While up on the Salmon river this past Monday, I was fishing in some pretty cold temps 22 in the am but never got above 28 in the afternoon. Ice wasn't much of a problem unless the reel got wet. As I was casting suddenly my spool flew off the reel as did the winding plate and handle.... Wtf I freaked as I was in waist deep water and watch my handle sink and rool down river as my spool did the same rolling down with my running line flying off. Ugh I had to go in and grab both as I tried to use my Feet but I didn't want to destroy the finish on the reel so up to my armpit I go hand first lol it sucked ! I did get both back thank god. Once I got out if the river I noticed the center screw, it had broken off at the head and snapped! Has anyone experienced this in cold temps? As I couldn't believe it broke in half.
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If you use a reel like these you should never put pressure on the winding plate with a fish on, put pressure on the spool, either the line on the spool or the inside of the spool drum itself. The screw will hold if you pressure the spool but pressure on the winding plate might be a different story.
This^. Don't hold the handle when the fish is running and don't press the winding plate.
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