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Bougle issue

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I purchased one of the new Hardy Bougle reels last spring, one if my favorite Hardy's by far, beautiful looking reel and it performs great. While up on the Salmon river this past Monday, I was fishing in some pretty cold temps 22 in the am but never got above 28 in the afternoon. Ice wasn't much of a problem unless the reel got wet. As I was casting suddenly my spool flew off the reel as did the winding plate and handle.... Wtf I freaked as I was in waist deep water and watch my handle sink and rool down river as my spool did the same rolling down with my running line flying off. Ugh I had to go in and grab both as I tried to use my Feet but I didn't want to destroy the finish on the reel so up to my armpit I go hand first lol it sucked ! I did get both back thank god. Once I got out if the river I noticed the center screw, it had broken off at the head and snapped! Has anyone experienced this in cold temps? As I couldn't believe it broke in half.
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How'd the screw get "snapped" then (instead of just unscrewing and falling out)?

Do you have the reel configured as LHW or RHW?

I find, when setup as LHW, pressure on side plate will unscrew spool and put pressure on screw holding in spool. If screw is loose, whole thing has come undone for me.

You have ensured spool nut was tightened correctly? it is opposite to a normal thread.

Bignap;1069690[U said:
I have it set up LHW but what UR saying makes alot of sense to me now, Because the screw was broken off inside once I put the sideplate back on and wound it backwards it tightened it back up once I was off the river.
Not the first time reading about snapped screws here and I'm betting this is the cause of it. These reels are convertible - however the screw is still reverse-thread. Take a close look at your reels. You'll see that the spool mounts onto the shaft and the screw binds against a raised surface on the shaft, not against the spool. When all is nice and tight, the only pressure on the screw is what you apply to tighten it down. But when winding right hand even on a slightly loose screw - the spool does back-off binding against the head of the screw keeping it from falling out but eventually snapping off the head.

Keep the screws tight and don't apply pressure to a fish by way of the winding plate. The spool face is bowl-shaped just for that reason - so that you can palm the spool when you need to. Also - pressure the fish with the rod and wind line as you bring the rod down instead of winching with the reel.
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If there isn't enough screw to get a vice-grip on it - it will have to be tapped. You might get a replacement screw from Arch or Hardy - but you don't have to send it in. Anyone with a drill-press can do this for you. Too easy.
You're right I guess that makes sense, but what do I kno I'm just a dumb painter lol.
I don't know - that just the route I would've taken. You shouldn't have to go that long without the reel is what I wanted to get across. The screws are soft like already mentioned. Hopefully it isn't glued in-place and it comes out easily. Those are amongst the nicest of fishing reels out there - guess I don't have to advice against fishing it as is ...;)
One thing for sure - definitely not typical of the reels.
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