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Selling these books for a buddy's wife. All are near new or Pristine unless otherwise noted. I will accept PayPal at the following address: [email protected]. You can contact me through that email address with your requests if you want to buy. Pictures on request to email only.

Books $5 or less plus shipping:
1. Fishing BC - Lower Mainland, PB good, - $5,SSPF
2. Fishing BC, Thompson - Nicola, PB good, - $5SPF
3. BC Directory and Atlas, PB good, - $5SPF
4. Deschutes River Boater's Guide, PB fair - $3SPF
5. Fishing Through the Midlife Crisis by Howell Raines, HB good - $5
6. Dances with Sharks by Dave Ames, HB good, $5
7. Fly Fisherman's How to Catch Trout, PB good, $3
8. Universal Fly Tying Guide by Dick Stewart, PB Fair, $5
9. Orvis Guide to Outdoor Photography, HB good, $5
10. Fly Patterns for the Pacific Northwest by Steve Probasco, PB fair -
11. Angler's Companion by Sara Godwin HB good condition, $5 shipping (Oversize)

All books for $10 plus shipping:
1. River Journal - Big Hole by Steve Probasco PB
2. Mexico Blue Ribbon Fishing Guide by Ken Hanley PB
3. River Journal - Yakima by Steve Probasco PB
4. River Journal - Henry's Fork by Larry Tullis PBSPF
5. The Yellowstone River and its Angling by Dave Hughes PB
6. Guide to Fishing Idaho by Bill Mason PB
7. River Journal - Silver Creek by W. David Joye PB
8. Montana Blue Ribbon Fishing Guide by Steve Probasco PB
9. Frontier Flies by Troy Bachmann HB
10. Pacific Northwest Fly Patterns by Patrick's Fly Shop PB, Fair condition
11. Fly Patterns of the Umpqua Feather Merchants PB
12. Flies for Stillwater by Stewart/Allen PB
13. Flies for Trout by Stewart/Allen PB
14. Flies for Atlantic Salmon PB
15. Saltwater Fly Patterns by Lefty Kreh PB
16. Fly Tyer's Bible, spiral bound, fair condition
17.Complete Book of Western Hatches by Hafele/Hughes PB, good condition
18.The Fish Bum's Guide to Catching Larger Trout by Mike Croft PB
19. Steelhead Fly Tying Manual by Light/Humphrey PB fair condition
20. American Fly Tying Manual by David Hughes PB fair condition
21. Tying and Fishing the West's best Dry Flies by Wilson/Parks PB fair condition
22. Deceiving Trout by John Parsons HB
23. Designing Trout Flies by Gary Borger HB

All Books $15 plus shipping
1. Trout Flies Proven Patterns by Gary LaFontaine, HBspf
2. Fly Tying Methods by Darrel Martin HB
3. Fly Fishing by Stephen Windsor HB
4. World's Greatest Fly Fishing Locations HB
5. Micro Patterns Tying and Fishing the Small Fly by Darrel Martin HB
6. Fly Fisher's Guide to Idaho by Retallic/Barker PB
7. The Estuary Fly Fisher by Steve Raymond PBspf
8.Fly Patterns for Still Waters by Philip Rowley PB
9. Fly Tyer's Nymph Manual by Randall Kaufmann PB SPF
10. Tying Dry Flies by Randall Kaufmann PB
11. Flies The Best One Thousand by Randal Stetzer PB
12. Trout Flies of the West by Schollmeyer/Leeson PB
13. Tube Flies by Mark Mandell and Les Johnson PB
14. Index of Orvis Fly Patterns by John Harder Loose Leaf, good condition

Books at $20.00 or higher plus shipping:
1. Tying Nymphs by Randall Kaufmann Spiral Bound, SPF
2 .Mayflies Top to Bottom by Shane Stalcup HB, $20
3. Blue Water Fly Fishing by Lefty Krey HB $30
4. FFF Fly Pattern Encyclopedia $20
5. Tying Stillwater patterns for Trophy Trout by Denny Rickard HB $25SPF
6. Fly Fishing Stillwaters for Trophy Trout by Denny Rickards HB $25SPF
7. Fly Fishing the West's Best Trophy Lakes by Denny Rickards HB $25SPF
8. Steelhead Fly Tying Guide by H. Kent Helvie HB $35
9. Spring Creeks by Mike Lawson HB $35
10. Steelhead Flies signed by John Shewey. Has a mark on the cover. $35spf

More Expensive Books plus Shipping:
1. Steelhead Fly Fishing by Trey Combs HB $40SPF
2. A Passion for Steelhead by Dec Hogan HB $65SPF
3. Spey Flies and Dee Flies by John Shewey PB $150
4. The Fly Tyer's Benchside Reference HB $100

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