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All Prices Include Shipping Within The United States

Steelhead Guide by John Nagy $45
Steelhead & The Floating Line, Steelhead Savvy , & The Steelhead Trout $25 for the 3
A Passion For Tarpon $100
Flies For Fish & Fishermen by Shaw $20
Steelhead Flyfishing by Combs $40
Tying Classic Freshwater Streamers by Klausmeyer $50 SOLD
A Steelheaders Way by Waller $25 SOLD
A Passion For Steelhead by Hogan $60 SOLD
Spey Flies and Dee Flies by Shewey $100 SOLD

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I'll take the Trey Combs book "Fly fishing for Steel head".
I need to know the author of "Steel head and the floating line"

If and only if the author is Bill McMillan I will commit to it as well and the balance of the 3 book offer.

I'll wait to hear from you b-4 sending funds.


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