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here are some fun winter ties. haha havent tied these kind of fly in a very long time specially on tubes. and i had fun with a couple classic patterns and tubes. the jock soctts and GH are mix hair and feather in the wings and i used flash in them. the dee are on drugs i used UV every where i could haha and the tails are doubled up. the pink one i mixed white uv ice dub with the pink seal and purple uv ice dub with the black seal, the wing is uv the tag is holo tinsel ahaha should glow well. both are done with heron . and a wallet of dee still a bit of room but pretty much full for winter. this is the last 2 weeks tying expect the wallet. most of my stuff is packed away i am moving at the end of the month


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sorry couple more


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Those Jock Scotts (5th down) are ON POINT! Very nice.
Oh sweet blasphemy. Sweet!
Damn Kevin. Those are sweet. I started tying with pro-tubes as well. Great fun and love the turbo cones. :hihi:

Man ....dude man dude

Love every one..yay fishing flies!!!

Super cool

For a guy who hasn't tied that type for a long time you sure haven't skipped a beat there bud, beautiful flies every one!

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