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8 wt 10 ft IMX

I have a custom rod 4 pc 8 wt 10 ft, that I bought off of the So Cal rep- back in 1990`s never lined, just completed the cork now, I never was able to go fish where it was needed, now I have gotten into spey and it needs to go
I can send pics next week when the cork is finished- it was bought as a blank,and built,but never used yet

The guy who wants the IMX 2pc 5 wt- I may sell my IMX 6 wt-2p, built from a blank,never fished, spey fever is taking over, ( except my IMX 2p 4wt and 5wt, best rod IMO,) If you wait long enough on ebay you may find one, get a blank if you can, all the others seem very well used.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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