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Big heavy tungsten tubes

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River here is unusually high with brown water at the moment, so I tied some heavy big tungsten tubes that work well here then.
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Very nice flies and with those tubes should get down to the fish. Leif
Thank you, and yes hopefully 馃榾
Congrats.....these tubes will look alluring in deep lies. What cast and style of line are you using in presenting these bottom huggers? What style, size of hook, and manner of attachment, do you prefer?
Regards from the Restigouche....Jim
Thank you Jim!

very few practice skagit casting here so its scandi style like G枚ran Andersson invented.

I fish these flies on heavy sinkers from 3/5 sink bodies with T12/T14 tips down to 750 and 850 grain full sink 8 scandi lines.

Always a short 2-3 meter straight mono leader, hook is a size 8 VMC 9626 best hook there is!
1 - 3 of 5 Posts