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Beulah warranty

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Im looking at buying a stick second hand. I looked on their website and it says original owner only covered by warranty.

So does this mean that their rods second hand are worth relatively nothing compared to companies that have unconditional warranties?
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repair service

I am surprised the Beulah rep hasn't weighed in here. My experience with rod section replacements is that manufacturers generally provide very fair service to second-hand owners. Costs may be higher than the "shipping and handling" fees most manufacturers charge for warranty service, but are reasonable (~$100 per section). I think the reason for the "original owner" limit is to encourage buyers to buy new rods, but they want all owners to be happy because they want your next rod to be one of theirs. The one instance in which I have had to accept a loss was for a rod the manufacturer no longer made - they did however offer a replacement at a substantially reduced price. I own a bevvy of used spey rods and consider the substantial reduction in cost to outweigh the lack of a warranty.;)
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