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I've been fishing the 12'9 7wt and the 14' 8wt exclusively this fall and wanted to see what others have been using any rods in the new onyx line up.
What lines have been working:
The 12'9 7wt for me likes the following..
500 tonic skagit
510 airflo intermediate skagit
425 Elixer scandi
7/8 delta spey
6/7 aero
And a multi tip snowbee 2d 8/9 with about 10ft of the head stripped in.

For the 14' 8wt:
575 tonic
570 airflo intermediate
525 Elixer
8/9 Aero head
As well the 9/10 Aero chopped back to about 40ft for polys.

Looking for a longer line to match the 14' with abilities for tips etc if anyone else has some input.

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A NextCast WA 7/8

This should match up well. Either the 45 or 55, depending on how long a line you want. A WA70 for a really long line would be nice as well.
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