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Twistin bugs
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Beulah 6/7 Switch 10.5' 4pc switch rod classic action. This is such a fun rod to fish. 1 salts are a blast and 2 salt summer runs are mindblowing with this rod. I love love love it and would never consider selling it if I weren't in the middle of the country! Its getting no love here and Ive decided to part with her. Shes been used but not abused (boat rash) .. basically my all the time rod when I lived in the Methow. A perfect rod for that river by the way or anything like it. Swinging an elixer line w polytips is just perfection. Ive got a Ross Rhythm 3.5 in Black or Gold to accompany it if needed.

The combo including some new and slightly used polytips of various lengths (Airflo) $300 plus a little for shipping.

beulah is headquarted in Oregon so warranty work if needed is easily worked out.

I can split it up if anyone is interested in a Ross Rhythm 3.5 Ive got a Black one and a Gold one. The Gold looks Killer with this rod btw.!!! I'll kick in a bag of summer bugs to boot w/sale


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