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Beulah alternative

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I am fairly familiar with Beulah rods and am looking at the Platinum or Onyx in the 7 to 8 wt category. Are there any other rods with a similar action that I should be looking at?
Any advice or opinions are greatly appreciated.

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You would have to clarify more in depth as to what you are looking for: our Onyx 12'9" 7 and 13'7" 7 are entirely different animals.

Might be hard to get a bunch of comparison information here from a range of different people. Onyx have only been around since they launched at The Sandy River Spey Clave, so not many people have first hand experience with the rods to in order to be able to give you a yin yang vs. other sticks.

The person I know that personally has the most amount of hours on an Onyx rod along with a good knowledge of many other spey rods from companies like Winston, Sage, Echo, GLoomis, Echo and Loop at this point is Mark Bachman at The Fly Fishing Shop.

Now that I think about it!

Cowboy Tom put in a bunch of time and got a bunch of one on one time with Travis Johnson at The Sandy River Spey Clave. He is a forum member and was casting our 14'0" 8 along with our new Aero Head when the line was still in approved production sample stage.

Daniel from Fin & Fire also has a bunch of hours on the Onyx rods, Aero Heads and a lot of other manufactures sticks and would most likely be a good source of information for your question.

not many comparisons

There are not many comparisons to any of the Onyx rods..the team at Beulah did an awesome job developing rods again that are accurate,light in hand and tough...we have been using the smaller rods here on Vancouver Island but will very soon be using the big sticks on monster Chinook ,Coho and Chum Salmon. Eastern Canada has had a taste as well using the 13'7' #7 on Atlantics..After a fishing a day with these rods there is so little impact on your being it is amazing..I have fished and used almost all of the rods mentioned in an earlier reply..

Let me preface this with the statement that I am new to this sport and, you might say, a spey short busser. But after spending time at Sandy with Travis (thanks to Mr. Berry), and having some time at home to practice, I'm at least moving up to the front of the bus. I think it was Travis's kind words ( like #$%^ and [email protected]$#diot), and self-esteem enhancing teaching style that are making the difference. He must have been a kindergarten teach in a past life.

I did spend a fair amount of time with the Onyx 14' 8wt and the 13'7" 7wt. at Sandy. While I have not cast anything in the Beulah Classic or Platinum series I can say that the Onyx's were super smooth, really damp, and easy to cast.

I have owned a Winston BIIx and a couple of Thomas & Thomas rods. I really disliked the winston because it felt like the tip and the but were moving at different rates. Tough, for me at least, to get them working together. The Thomas's were just too fast and unforgiving. Spectacular when you got it right, not so much when you didn't. The Onyx was much more in the middle, not so opinionated but fully capable of anything the Winston or Thomas's could do.

Right now I'm playing with an Anderson 1215 Nova that I really like. Great little stick and very easy to get along with. Of the rod's I've owned I would say that the Onyx's were most like this little Anderson Nova. None of the extreme personality and action style that you either love or hate. Now, if I could just get Mr. Berry to take some time to relax, slow down, cuddle up to a few beers, maybe watch an episode or two of Archer, and send up an Onyx 13'1" 6wt (I'd pay shipping both ways!) I could give you a detailed review of that rods casting personality and how it fights a fish. Hope there was something useful in there for you.

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I own some Platinum speys had the chance to test some of the Onyx speys a few months back. As I understand it the Onyx are a bit more regressed than Platinums, but in terms of feel; they are light, crisp, bend down enough for good feel, have good components, well built, and service is great.
I would use the longer ones to throw longer lines and shorter(13' ish and under) more for Skagit/ Scandi all rounders. They should handle a lot of lines, just up to you to dial it to ur liking. IMO u can't go wrong with a Beulah, they're great rods... And I've spent plenty of time with the high end customs too.
I respect all of these rod builders and they're craft, and Beulah is no exception.

The Platinums are great, if you don't want the latest and greatest and want to save a few bucks. I personally think the 7132 is a sweetheart. Well balanced and light for many steelhead applications. May be a bit light if you encounter king salmon into the 20lb range and the largest of steelhead in heavy flow, but it's handled them. I also don't use it for the heaviest work. Get an 8 for that. I like to line it on the lighter side of beulah recs. ie light 7 wt.

Good luck and have fun in your quest!
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Beulah Onyx

Now I know why I didn't see the Onyx 7 in the rack.

I have the platinum 7 weight and love the rod. Very light in hand, etc. it is my go to rod for both winter and summer. I can throw big flies and T11 without issue and truly love the feel. With a dry line I can fish the Deschutes with confidence even with decent wind.

I was able to cast the 8 weight Onyx and had very little trouble feeling the rod. I believe it had a scandi head, but that thing launched. I was making solid long casts with that beast. Like into the road at the Sandy Clave. If I wanted a big river rod for all conditions, that Onyx had it. It felt good, light, and with my spey skill, was forgiving. Up to you to decide if the price difference is worth it. Tough to beat Beulah.

Thanks to everyone for the replies.
I should have given a little more information in my first post.
I currently own two Beulah Classic series one being the 136 8/9.
I am looking to get a shorter rod and am looking at the either the onyx 126 7 or the Platinum 124 8 . These are a little better suited for the rivers I usually fish. I plan for this to be my winter rod for the next 10 years at least so I am willing to spend a few more bucks. I really like the Classic rods and have cast the Platinum and really like that but have never cast the Onyx.

Why not save the bucks!

After reading your last post:

Just go with a Platinum 12'4" 8 and save the bucks. It is on the light end of 8 weight and a phenomenal rod. Probably our most under dog rod since the last few seasons have kind of seen the 8 weights fall out of favor. I can't tell if that is because there are now so many good 7 weight rods on the market -or- so many 8 weight rods were more like 10 weights in 8 weight clothing.

For a Skagit you literally can't go wrong from 500-600 + a tip. The sweet spot is between 525-550. It is also a strong Scandi rod that the European folks really like...and that is hard to get a compliment from those dudes as Loomis nailed the action they tend to prefer.

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