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Folks - this is a first-time thread-start from a lurker. In response to the book reviews question (why aren't there more), it would be great to see posts on folks' opinions regarding "classics". A very good author mentions getting older and having a "diminishing portfolio of enthusiasm"; dig that. So cough-up some favorites.

Following are a 5.1stalwarts:

1) Dark Waters;
2) Silent Seasons (feeshing through many eyes and brains);
3) Mclean (the interviews, including "Billiards is a Good Game");
4) Angler's Coast (read and weep);
5) Trout Fishing in America (take a look at a trout stream on the wall of a hardware store....and buy it.); and
5.1) The Theory and Practice of Rivers (drop a fish and pop a bottle for Harrison this year).

So post 'em up. It would be great to find some old/new classics.

Thank you, GP

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Chatham is fantastic. My favorite. Someone said during dinner Saturday night at SOR last week that he had been around earlier. I was like What? Where?

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Because the original poster's list is so good, I offer this annotation:

Dark Waters, Russell Chatham, Clark City Press. Essays about hunting and fishing.
Silent Seasons , Russell Chatham, Clark City Press. 21 stories by the likes of Thomas McGuane, William Hjortsberg, Jack Curtis, Harmon Henkin, Charles Waterman, Jim Harrison and Russell Chatham.
Norman Maclean interviews. Interviews abound. A particularly good one appears in the June, 1981 issue of Esquire which may be found on line. The essay Billiards is a Good Game is found in The Norman Maclean Reader, University of Chicago Press
Anglers Coast, Russell Chatham, Clark City Press
Richard Brautigan's Trout Fishing in America, The Pill versus the Springhill Mine Disaster, and In Watermelon Sugar/U], Richard Brautigan, Delacorte Press
The Theory and Practice of Rivers, Jim Harrison, Winn Press

I would add almost anything by Thomas Mcguane, but especially his most recent story collection Crow Fair (Penguin Random House). It contains a story about a guided fishing trip that will make you view your guide in a new way.
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