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Best alcohol-free drink

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What are some of your favorite alcohol freee drinks? There must be some of you that are going to be designated drivers over the holidays.
Speyrd AKA Leroy....................
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My fav is . . .

Martenelli's Sparkling Cider - nice light crisp taste, not too sweet, and reminds me of the holidays.

Water is also a good call - it also serves to dilute whatever else is in your system. :devil: ;)
How did I forget, BLACK COFFEE. Must be I didn't have enough this morning.
Dr. Swing said:
How did I forget, BLACK COFFEE. Must be I didn't have enough this morning.
Ditto on both points.
Alcohol doesn't mix well with my genes, I am a fan of any of the Henry Weinhardts sodas, as well as a fine cup o' joe.

John Desjardins said:
Ditto on both points.
Amen Brotha:cool:
I'm with gstrand on the Hank's soda. I will throw in an O'Doul's Amber on those hot summer days when soda pop is to sweet.
Coffee I like, but only at this time of the

year can you get Egg Nog!! Fiddle the cal's, I'll take a large cup, tad of water to thin out, heat it up .....Ahhhhhhhh:D
Coffee, Coffee, Coffee. From black to a Latte it is my favorite. When I was haulin logs we used ask if it was going to be a one or two thermos day.:hehe:
Lemon-Lime Gatorade. Does a wonderful job of hydrating for a long day under the sun.
Oh how I miss the Henry Weinhards Root bear. Mmmmmmmm. I like the Blue Sky grapefruit, Canada Dry gingerale, Pelegrino bublywater and Evian.
Of course water is the only drink you can still enjoy after it's been sloshing around in the backpack all afternoon on a july day. Given one choice that would be it. I like Gatorade for hydration but it sure tastes bad warm.

Being of PNW influence I am big on venti iced americano / extra ice and no water with a splash of cream, in essence four shots of espresso over ice in a large cup. :D The melting ice provides just the right dilution as you drink it. Too fast or too slow and you miss the window.

In my steelheading days in the PNW I used to drink this kind of fruit nectar, can't remember the brand but it was like a natural smoothie / meal in a can. None of this thick yogurt crap or tutti fruitty kid stuff, just pure fruit 'nectar' and damn good regardless of flavor.
Ice cold water is number one. I also feel the same way about Sprecher's root beer (made just north of Milwaukee) that many of you have expressed about Henry Weinhardt's. It really is to-die for, and the diet version ain't bad either. Most of the microbreweries in Wisconsin, and there are a LOT of them, also make their own sodas, especially root beer. They are each unique and all are very good.
I don't do well on the high octane either. Gimme a Stewart's old-fashioned root beer or a Red Bull or a good ole cup o' hot black columbian.

Top three

I like ice water with a slice of lemon, strawberry lemonade and iced tea.
favorite NA drink

I think that it was W.C. Fields who pointed out that he didn't drink water because he knew what fish do in it. I'm sure that ya'll
know that too, and we still drink it.
Ice tea or lemonage for pure cooling deliciousness; or cream soda when I want more texture.;)
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