This is personal rod I have decided to sell. Here attached is the pic before wrapping and finishing the guides. More pics coming. 12'6" 8/9. Hollow built. Weight ~12.5oz. Test cast only. More Pics later. This was intended to be a personal and "shop" rod I had put together for this falls Great Lakes steelhead fishing. Unfortunately I had an accident and tore my rotator cuff for the second time and cannot fish (let alone sleep) without pain and only do light physical work for who knows how long. Not your fathers full flex bamboo rod; this is fairly fast rod that excels with the Gaelforce 39ft 600gr head. Also good with with the Airflo 540 grain scandi head. A Hardy Perfect 4.25" balances it. Comes with one tip and bag. Bag holds two tips. I can build a second tip for you when the shoulder heals for $250 additional. Prefer pickup and pre purchase casting in Mississauga, Ontario... but might be able to make other arrangements. Price is SOLD firm plus shipping.