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This weekend I picked up my new Mid Spey 7/8 with interchangeable tips for my Sage 7141.

I have been making do with my Orvis Large Arbor size V as their size VI's were on backorder until just recently. I had planned to order one on the next credit card cycle and use my reward certificates to lower the cost.

The Orvis LA reels are great reels and really pick up line incredibly fast. Their LA V is perfect for my 7136 and a little too light for my 7141. So the 7141 and OLA V were not balanced. After a couple of hours of casting, I could feel that my body/shoulder was get whacked a little due to the lack of balance.

A friend suggested that I remove my Accelerator 9/10 from my Loop 4 since that rod is used for salmon fishing. Then, put the MS 7/8 on. I did that yesterday. It seems to have worked very well re balance and handling the line.

The combo in dry dock in my living room, patio and back yard seems to be in perfect balance with the Mid Spey 7/8 and 300 yards of Micro backing. There is adequate room to attach the compensator 678 section if and when I want to try it.

If there is a River close by that isn't in a semi flood stage, I will try it tomorrow.
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