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Auction: Tight Lines Fly Fishing. Lots of great items

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From our sponsor Tight Lines Fly Fishing we have some great items up on the auction block:

1) Prime blue ear pheasant skin ( I will email you a photo tomorrow)
X-select blue ear skin for tying spey flies. This is the best substitute
to Heron. These skins don't get any better then the quality of this one.

2) Scierra PWF 10 weight floating head + DVD "The Perfect Cast" by Henrik
Mortensen. Try out underhand casting! The DVD is an excellent intro to underhand casting and the head will help get you started.

3) HMH Spartan vise with both standard and tube jaws
Go from tying flies on standard hooks to tying tubes in seconds! Simply
unscrew the one jaw and replace with the other.

Bid on these items here:


Good luck and thank you Andrew! That Blue Eared skin is awesome!

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One more day left....

I bid and won the line and video. But I can't figure out how to get the payment in.:( Any help out there? I followed the links in the email about the end of auction but I don't see a place to pay.

[email protected]
Hey Guy,

Sent you an email.

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