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This announcement is meant for our new members here only.

The Speypages Team has added extra security measures in order to further protect this Forum, Community and all it's membership.

Effective immediately: all new member accounts will now be screened prior to membership approval. This is a manual process done by the Moderators of this Forum and may take up to 24 hours, depending on the amount of new accounts being registered.

In addition to the screening process: all new member first posts will be limited to the New Member Introduction Forum and will need to be approved by Moderators before it can be viewed by the general membership.

Being limited to the New Member Introduction Forum, we encourage all new members to take the time to read through the following "Sticky" threads found in that Sub-Forum:




In addition, please take the time to fill in all of your user fields. This will help the Moderators decipher who is a legitimate potential new member and who is a potential SPAMMER or a Bot.

If any new member is having difficulty with this process, please feel free to send a message via email, private message or visitor messaging to either Brian (montanafos), Duggan (sinktip) or myself (GR8LAKES FLYER).

As with any new process, there may be some growing pains and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause our new members. However, we felt that any added security measures to this Forum and it's community would only be a benefit to all.

On behalf of the Moderators and the Administrators, thank you for your understanding and welcome to the Speypages and our community !!

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Not open for further replies.