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The atlantis is a revelation.

Took it out tonight with 35' 12wt INT airflo head attached to 120ft of miraclebraid. Yowza-- 100-110 (not even including leader) on the first casts with minimal effort. I was expecting a rod action similar to a winston XTR or Scott STS--- but instead, the action is incredibly fluid, not "stiff," and damps/recovers SO fast. I've not used a rod that recovers so fast.

The rod designer was SO smart not to make just another tippy, unyielding-butt stick. This rod is more efficient, easier to cast, and will certainly have a longer duty cycle than the tip-only rods.

The rod reminds me of a big, light, faster damping/recovering Lyle dickerson 8016 or 8015 trout rod. Supple...to a point. Fast...to a point. Quite honestly a pleasure to cast ridiculous distances over and over and over again.

A canted belgian-ish casts seems to work best for me. And I had good results starting the backcast with 1' of overhang and shooting 2' into the backcast and then a high, quick-stopping end as the miracle braid whizzes and whizzes.

I only had half an hour to cast tonight, but was getting the majority of casts in the 120-130' range with ease...certainly the 90-100' cast here and there... and two or three casts that dumped it ALL out there. Definitely want to try the rod with a full line.

I am very impressed by the build quality of the rod-- the SiC tip was a great idea with all the stripping to be done. And let me compliment the designer on the extra-thick layup at the female ferrules...good move in a rid that's going to take this much of a beating.

Finally, I was just thinking about the weight of the rod...it is a little "heavy" for it's size in comparison to normal spey rods. I THANK you for this. This lets me know that there's some beef to the thing. I don't mean to say that the rod feels heavy AT ALL. It rather felt too light to my cane rod and Hexagraph casting arms.

You know, in a pinch, this rod could be cast 1 handed. I've cast cane rods around that weight (but shorter) and, heck, fish for steelhead with a 6 1/8oz Orvis single hander.

Perhaps the most macho thing in coastal fly fishing will be the big, beefy guys single handing their Atlantii. We can have a special handshake (a kind of massage for our aching carpal tunnels) and a secret word: "Chiropractor."

Seriously, I'm just amazed at the great design of the rod, the great action, and the now easily accessible long line casts.

For those of you who still worry that it may be a bunch of malarkey- that easy 100-130' casts are lies, I tell you as someone with no vested interest in the promotion of the rod that it rocks, rocks, rocks in every way- fishability, castability, build-quality.

If blanks were available, I would have done the following differently (and note that this would raise the price $150 or so retail):

REC Recoil strippers (30# and down- total of four or five) and guides

And, I'm not sure the utility of the above mod would warrant the extra cost--- just takes breaking the SIC insert on the strippers out of the question, but one could just replace them if they were clumsy enough to break the inserts...I've never done anything that stupid the very day I got a rod (my Scott STS, rocks at breezy point, broken ulna also.)

Rock on, juro, nobuo, and gang. My sincere thanks.

Hey, has anyone thought about trying to tournament cast with this rod? I guess against that Loomis 17', it might not do the trick.

I think I'm also going to use this rod for the smaller lake erie tribs for steelhead. Sure will be nice to land/release fish quickly.

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