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All commercially tied by a variety of companies.

Most on Tiemco 7999's, some on Spey hooks (for Wet Fly Selection)

Shanks w/ Trailer Hooks on Intruder Selection

Wet Fly Selection

5 X #4 Doc Spratley
4 X #4 Peacock/ Fox Fur Wing
3 X #4 Skunk
3 X #4 Green Butt Skunk
5 X #2 Dean River Tiger Orange
5 X #4 Signal Light
4 X #1.5 Black/Red Hackle Tip
4 X #1.5 Black/Red Flash Spider
4 X #1.5 Pink/Blue Flash Spider
4 X #1.5 Black/Purple Flash Spider

Orange Fishing lure Bait Fishing bait emperor moths

$42 for the lot

Intruder Selection

3 X Pick Yer Pocket Black
4 X Pick Yer Pocket Pink
1 X Pick Yer Pocket Orange
3 X Signature Intruder Pink
5 X Signature Intruder Black/Blue

Artificial fly Fishing lure Fishing bait Bait Fly

$30 for the lot

- Payment through PayPal

- Prices in Canadian Funds

- Buyer Pays Shipping

- Shipped promptly after payment is received

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I'll go the $42.00 lot.

PM me your name/address and I'll have a bank cheque drawn on Canadian Funds. No idea what the exchange rate may be today, but they will. Other option is to send me a PayPal 'invoice' that I can cover with a credit card.

Your call.


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Update on Fly Selections

Wet Flies are spoken for and sold pending receipt of funds.

Intruder Selection is also spoken for and sold pending receipt of funds.

Will update if either deal falls through.


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