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I just sent this in to Redington and waiting for their reconsideration. Anyone here with similar issues with their bootfoot?

Hi. I bought your boot foot waders I think around winter 2018. So far I have exchanged 4 of them as they all seem to leak at the crotch area.

I recently spoke to your warranty rep and they said this leaking was a known defect and Redington is replacing it with an improved wader to address this defective seam tape problem (apparently the tape micro splits under regular use and starts the leak. This is highly consistent with all my returns). I mentioned that I want to return my 4th pair as it is doing the same with the new design that address the defect. She told me that she was instructed to only replace with the current design containing the same defect.

Don't you think this warranty practice is tantamount to consumer fraud? Don't you think it is consumer deceit to continue selling a product while knowing there was a defect? Worse still, don't you think it continues to injure Redington reputation by recycling the same defect in exchanges?

If you say No to any of these questions, I think it is time Redington get out of the wader business. If not, you will eventually do so with your current practice.​
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