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my two far-and-away favorites are

1) "Spey Master Class" by Derek Brown for a strong grounding in fundamentals.

2) "Rio's Modern Spey Casting" for the most thorough overview and clear explanations of different casts and styles.


a third favorite is "Art of Spey Casting" for some useful tidbits, but this isn't a good starter video.

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McFly said:
Anyone recommend a good Spey casting video? I've been single handing for 21 yrs, and only held a Spey once.
If you are looking for traditional long belly line casting instruction and the best traditional casting technique DVD then Derek Brown's is my top choice.

If you are looking for short belly compact casting stroke technique for use with heads and lines like the Rio Windcutter or Skagit then the John and Amy Hazel casting DVD is the best option I have found.

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