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Any use for a Windcutter Multi-tip....without the tips?

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A friend of mine gave me a bunch of stuff to sell for him, including several Windcutter multi-tips (full lines) that don't have any tips included. He kept the tips for use on other lines. Is there any practical use for these lines? Put poly's or T-tips on the end like a skagit? Curious to see what people have come up with.

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If you have the floating tip it completes the taper and your golden for a floating line.

If not, most anything close to correct weight and length will be workable.

Spare matching tips are available new and used.
You can use them to hold up tomatoes plants to the stakes.
The original Skagit lines were in many cases,,,, a Windcutter with the tips removed,,, worked great. Then Jim Vincent of RIO introduced the 27ft Skagit head type lines,,,, both in shooting heads and full integrated lines.

You can always purchase some 10ft cheaters and 15ft tips to complete the Wincdutter Versitip configuration.

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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