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Using this rod a week ago with a WC 5-6..

a tad light for my taste. I'd suggest something one line size up in the WC's. A Airflo standard in a size 6 would also be a wizzer line on this rod due to the slightly longer head.

But a note: on Bob's 5/6 'switch rod, the 5-6 WC is a great match.

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No need to cut anything unless you wish to experiment with lines of comparable grain weights.

Best to acclimate yourself to the rod first, then start surgery....};^)......!!!

Better yet, bring the rod with you and try your fly shops demo lines on it.

There are many off-the-shelf lines that will efficiently load the 13' 5/6.

The rod likes 350 to 460 working grains.

You can check any of the Rio/Airflow/SA tables and they will steer you right.

Peter SC gas put some very informative tables together for the lighter two handers.

Aaron Reimer has had many guys casting the rod at the Sat. Claves in Carnation, and has given a list of lines for this rod as well on a previous post.

Glo Bug also has lots of useful info on DT floaters.

.....Also you will be getting the rod from Todd, and he has just spent two weeks with it at Bute Inlet. He will be very dialed in as well.

Hope this helps................Meiz

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Double Tapers are underrated!

I used a DT8F and a DT9F. I have 52' (360 grains and 410 grains)and 64' (440 grains and 510 grains) marked off on both lines. I liked the DT8F with this rod. I had one favourable day (wind wise) that let me go beyond the 64' mark. I also overhead casted a Rio DC300 line. The line didn't sink very deep and I easily lifted the whole head up.

I tested the 5/6 and the 6/7 rods over the last 3 weekends. I used weighted flies and indy with shot with both rods. I am ordering the 6/7 because it handled the wind better than the 5/6. I really enjoyed casting both rods. I liked the DT9F with the 6/7. I just ordered the MidSpey 6/7 with tips from Kaufmann's (sponsor plug) to go with the 6/7 rod. This line was closest to the DT9F grainage.


P.S. I was planning on making a sink tip for the 5/6 using a DT8F cut so I could attach a 15' 6wt or 7wt sink tip, but the rods are going back West this week.

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Meiser’s13ft 5/6

Did a little work with this rod and have come up with a couple lines I like
5/6 Rio Windcutter 330 grains
6/7 Rio Midspey 490 grains
6/7 Airflo Delta 500 Grains
8/9 Mach 1 at 324

I am working on a extended belly line rod.

Over all result are quite surprising as to how far you can cast with it

I will finish the list as soon as my shop rod gets back from a road trip.
I must say that it si pleasure to cast these flea weights after of Winer of the big boys

:smokin: :smokin:
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