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The NFC beats are good and you might be able to get a rod if you call them. They are not cheap but they do have some nice water.

Most other "good beats" will be booked up by now.

Check the website: www.gaula.no.

You will see links here to the NFC beat and other owners/organisers of fishing. You can check water heights/temp as well. This is important on Gaula because of Gaulfossen (a set of rapids which fish will not ascend in high cold water)

You also have the public beats. You can buy day tickets on the many beats from lower to middle river. Last year the Lower river was the place to be in June due to cold high water. This year maybe different. The public beats on the lower river tend to be more crowded then the middle beats so it depends what you like.

As for tackle : 14-15ft rod, large capacity reel, various densities of lines (floating to sinking) and plenty of backing on your reel.

In June, you'll be fishing big tube flies (normally), templedogs, sunray shadows. Make sure you have strong hooks and 25-30lb flurocarbon.
If water temps rise and levels drop you may fish size 6 doubles/trebles or smaller templedog flies.

Good patterns: Green highlander, Green wasp, green butt, Phatagorva and something brighter if water is coloured.

hope this helps.

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We have had good warm weather for the last couple of weeks so snow melt is well under way. End of June above Gaulfossen should be a safe bet this year. We had a small flood and a ice run in early february so it will be interesting to see if anything is changed.

You need to be quick if you want to find good beats this late. According to a e-mail I received the other day there are free rods on the NFC beats, and as storlaks pointed out there are some day ticket waters around also in the upper part.

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I received this in the mail on the 9th of May. Hopefully it is of help. The pictures didn't come through on the cut and paste.

Dear Fly Fisher,

last season the Gaula was again the most productive salmon river in Norway (of all 650 salmon rivers), with a total catch of 37.5 tons. The buy-out of 80% of the nets in the Trondheimfjord left the surrounding rivers with an extra 27 tons of salmon, of which the major share were destined for the Gaula. The remaining nets reported a catch of 39 tons only, compared to the 85 tons all nets caught in 2004.

The latest long-range weather forecasts lead us to believe that June will not suffer from the same cold and high water conditions as last year. The ice on the Gaula has gone and the spring flood is steadily decreasing. Spring is making fast progress now. In addition, we have two new stretches of water on the lower Gaula, which will maximise our chances of success from opening day. The first fresh salmon have been seen on the 30st April and all looks very promising for good fishing from the seasons start on the 1 June onwards. As we had to wait with recommendations for the early fishing until the prospects got clearer, we still have a number of vacancies for the most exciting season start.

The Rotating Beats
On our famous rotating beats, where you fish such prolific pools as “Bridge Pool”, “Renna Pool” Tilseth Pool” and “Long Pool”, we still have a few rods vacant for the coming season. There are a few vacancies during some of the prime weeks.

The Bridge Pool - is one of the pools in our rotation fishery

Bogen Söndre Beat
There are a few weekly lets and some single rods left on the famous Bogen Sondre Beat. This water is ideal for groups of 4 to 6 rods, and comes complete with self-catering accommodation in the “English House” (probably the oldest English house in the Gaula valley) overlooking the river.

It is possible to book the whole beat, or to book single rods during the weeks in which the whole beat is not let. You will find a more information and a detailed description of the pools on our website <http://www.nfc-online.com/> under the section “New waters”.

Our Bogen Söndre-Beat –privacy and very god fly fishing in all conditions

New! Upper Gaula Beat
We would like to inform you that we have quite recently been able to integrate a new and very interesting Beat on the upper Gaula. This new beat is called “Upper Gaula”. Please read through the following description of this very pretty part of the river. You will find more information about the pools and more photographs at <http://www.nfc-online.com/>

Fluestryket - Low water

The Upper Gaula Beat is located some 30-minutes by car, upriver of our headquarter in Støren. The fishing is very attractive and suitable for groups of approx. 6 persons, which means a lot of space per rod, even by our exclusive standards. It is fascinating and most productive fly water and here is a short description of some of the various pools included in this 3,2km long beat - of which about half is double-bank fishing. Due to the quite recent acquisition of this beat we still have rods vacant for season 2006 during most weeks, even during the prime time. The prices are much lower than for the main beats. This is a chance to fish excellent water on the Gaula at reasonable cost.

The tail of Lower Kroksvinge during high water in June, with the Cabin Hole pool in the background

It can be said that the beat contains many good holding, resting, and taking places spread throughout its length. The character of the river in this upper part of the Gaula is different from the lower and middle river. It is very charming due to the rocky nature of the banks and river bed, and the many large boulders throughout the beat form good lies. The wading is slightly more challenging than in the lower reaches. As the valley is narrower here the railway track is often in close proximity and needs to be crossed from the various NFC parking places along the beat. The distance from the parking areas to the river is mostly very short.

Fly fishers who are interested in a secluded fishing on a breathtaking beat will feel very comfortable there. The prices for the coming season are quite reasonable for this exclusive fishery due to the short time until the start of the season. It is also possible to book single rods on this beat.

Upper part of the Kroksvinge Pool in low water conditions

Accommodation at the mentioned farm house is also included in the daily rate. One week's fishing including accommodation in a shared double-room is available from Euro 750, to Euro 1.490 per week/ per rod. Single room surcharge is Euro 13 per day. The whole beat. including accommodation, is available from Euro 2.900 and up to Euro 7.490 per week.

Excellent accommodation is included with a typical Norwegian farmhouse. The standard of facilities is very high due to the fact that the house was built as recent as 1990. It is close to the beat. The house has 3 double rooms and 1 single room, a large and cosy living room, fully equipped kitchen, shower, w.c., and a pleasant veranda from which the river is visible. It is ideal for small groups up to 7 persons. If a larger group wants to lease the beat we can help with bed & breakfast locally, or with accommodation in one of our cottages in the Støren area.

The kitchen

If you are interested in fishing 2006, please do not hesitate to contact me with any further questions. Early bookings for 2007 and 2008 are welcome. The most convenient form of contact is by telephone. Tel: 0049-40-5892302, Fax 0049-40-5892304 or per email: [email protected]. Post: M. Raguse, Robert-Blum-Str. 5 B, 22453 Hamburg, Germany.

Please do not forget to look at our website www.nfc-online.com

Best regards,

Manfred Raguse
Norwegian Flyfishers Club

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Guala end of june

tarpon boy said:
i was looking into going to gaula river in end of june this year. with my girlfriend any good info of good beats flys tackle etc....thanks

Hi Tarpon boy.

I am going to be fishing the Gaula on the Hage beats week 26 from the 24th of June. the beats are run by fishmaster finland. I believe there are a couple of rods still available.


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If you Google Fishmaster Finland, you will find the info as G. Simpson above noted. Also prices. I have been on those beats last two seasons, and will be this summer also, week 28.

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If you would be interesting in the waterflow this is available here:

The green line indicates the normal waterflow for the time.

You can also get the waterflow on your mobilphone from wap.nve.no
To get you through the norwegian menu click:
-ferske data
-midt norge
-graf 5 døgn (for the last 5 days)
bookmark the last page if you don't want to do this procedure every time.

(NVE is the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate and not a commercial organisation)
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