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I would like to take a spey clinic from Jeff Putnam but he only teaches on the American, and I do not want to drive that far. Anyone know of any clinics that are taught on the feather? Will Turek is leaving fish first so he wont be teaching any clinics.

I went out today to the feather with my tfo 6 weight professional series spey rod, with a regular non spey line (7 or 8 weight weight forward floating). I started out just doing a overhead cast, which worked but a spey rod is kind of big for that. I ended up with the line downstream of me
1) upstream was to the left of me (if it was to the right of me this wouldnt of worked).
2) my right hand was about the reel, my left hand was bellow the reel, and extra line passed throught my left hand down to the river.
3) then I just chucked it. My line was about 50 feet downstream of me, I would start in about the 3 o clock position and end in about the 11 o clock position. I usually did about one false cast just to make sure the line was flying, but I was able to cast a good 75 feet, probably further than I can cast with my 9 footer (I can only do a single haul tho). At the end I let the loose line from bellow my bottom hand (piled on the water) shoot out.

I obviously have no clue what I am doing but I can cover water quickly this way, and it is easier and I cast further than with a 9 footer, so until I meet up with some spey casters (or find a clinic) this aint so bad
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