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any advice on fly fishing in Alaska

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Do any of you guys have Alaskan experience.I will be over from Scotland next year and would appreciate any info
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Good Place to go on a little money

Having lived in Alaska for 26 years and chased steelhead for most of my life all 50+ years:
I spent 13 years living in Ketchikan and loved it.
I would highly recommend Price of Wales Island,
If I were you I would contact the FIREWEED LODGER (http://www.fireweedlodge.com/) or BOARDWALK LODGE (. http://www.boardwalklodge.com/).
These are two very good places to start.
If you would like I will try to locate the Right Reverence Steelhead of Joe Oliver and pass your info on to them.
Steelhead Run in the months of April and May,
The Streams to target are the Thorn, Eagle,Logjam, Staney and Klawock.
These are all-accessible from the road and offer excellent fishing.
You have a lot action from Dolly Varden and Sea Run cutthroats at this time of the year all so.
Just bring a trout and 8or 9 (of course I prefer speyrods 6 or 7 weigh and a 14 for a 9.
Floating lines and sink tips, there is not a lot of trypical steelhead water there but lots of fish.
Much of the fishing is done with indicators and glowbugs.
Glowbugs match the hatch every thing from bight Orange to pale Cream in color about size 4 Tied Teimco 105.
Eggsucking leaches and number of other standard patterns,
I suggest the larges size would be 2/0 for the leaches.
Keep you trout flies to Elvin patters and small baith fish type.
A small amount of dries will help also.
If you need more lest me know
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Good Post Jd.

Good post .

Your comments one the weather and the timing is first rate.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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