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There is not much difference between them. They are both fast recovering, fairly stiff, powerful butt, strong tipped, progressive loading but not to the cork in action. The 4-piece is slightly (and I mean very slightly) slower than the 3-piece; however, unless you cast them side by side, or have spent some time with one of them, you would be hard pressed to describe or notice the difference.

What it comes down to then is the length of the rod tube you want to carry around. Me, I prefer the 3-piece, which has rod sections about 50" long, because it only has 2 ferrules to tape. The 4-piece has rod sections about 38" long, which means it can fit into smaller spaces. They are equal in performance with both really singing with a DT8F line, any of the 7/8 short or mid-belly lines, or the 8/9 Loop Adapted or RIO Scandanavian heads.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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