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Combined a trip to Auburn Washington for my grand daughters first birthday and some 'volcano watching' on the trip up/back (Whole drive actually isn't that far but still put on over 1,000 on the motor home??!! :eek: Spent Monday-Wednesday at Elk Rock Point which is about three air miles from the mountain so you have a good view to say the least.

Did get to watch the BIG BELCH a couple of days ago so that was most exciting. Funny thing (maybe next time some one will 'plan ahead?') is our motor home (obviously) has 'full facilities ....' ..... and it didn't take 30 minutes to find we had the only bathroom within a 7-10 drive up/down the road (save for 'trees').

Got to answer a lot of 'taps at the door,' and meet a lot of very nice folks. :D
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