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I thought I would snag some Speypagers with the title. 馃槈

I just wanna commend the tying community for consistently brilliant tying. Posts just scroll off the first page quicker than a slice of pizza disappears in a college dorm. I don't think most of us can keep up with all the amazing flies posted in the last month.

Well done, it's inspiring.

I leave you with a pic of an antique March Brown (I believe) from John8's wonderful vintage collection.


Cheers and strong threads,

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Well said the level and frequency of the tying here has been incredible in the past month. You blink and there is a new front page of excellent flies. Truly inspiring.

BTW Adrian is that a mixed wing of turkey, hen phesant, and summer duck on that vintage fly? I
This seems to be the March Brown pattern in

鈥淛ock Scott鈥 鈥 Greased Line Fishing for Salmon, 1936

Tail: Mallard
Body: Two turns of yellow wool, remainder hare鈥檚 ear.
Ribs: Oval gold.
Hackle: Dark partridge.
Wing: Hen pheasant tail. - from Colin's Feathersfliesandphantoms website.

On this larger March Brown the hen pheasant is used as a roof or maybe a side with turkey being the main wing.

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Regarding the fine show of tying lately, totally agree. I especially enjoy looking at new member posts and their very fine and exceptional tying. Of course certain tiers (Nickels!) are consistent with top shelf offerings. I also, to my way of appreciating, give extra credits to new patterns.

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I completely agree with the fine tying lately. I recently started a log with all the recent fly's posted with recipes. A few without just because the fly's looked so good. Keep'm coming folks and hopefully the recipes too.

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I agree on the quality of fly tying. I wish I could have shared or brought more flies for everyone to enjoy During the trip. I just brought one small box with a small sample it does not make a dent in the shear volume and quantity of flies I wish I could have shared.

i have named or identified about 120 different patterns in the collection I have, I have placed one pattern of each with a label into a fly box. I have started a second with quite a few patterns still unknown, feel like a detective searching for fly pattern names. The Hardy and Farlows books have helped a lot.


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I agree Adrian. Some stellar tying skills on display here. I鈥檝e been out of commission for a while during my recent move..... but will be back to share soon enough. In the interim.... keep it coming. Always fun to see a new fly or an old fly tyed well. Those sharing inspire many to try something different. Just remember that. You鈥檙e the spark.
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