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I am still reeling (pun intended) from the experience of attending the event in San Francisco. The heritage underlying the Golden Gate Casting Club's pools grabs the first-time visitor immediately upon arrival - perhaps because you can feel the dedication of those who have cast their lines there before you, people like Jim Green. Both this event and Marlow's gathering on the Skagit River were both held in his honor. Two places dear to Jim's heart I am sure, in fact I first met Mr.Green at Steelhead Park at Marlow's event on a crisp spring day on the Skagit.

The first person we chatted with as we got to the park was Lani Waller. To hardcore steelheaders like Kush and I that's a welcoming sight that the weekend was going to really be something. Throughout the GGACC's rich history those who study the art and science of throwing a line have come to the pools. This weekend was no exception as some of the world's top casters were there in force. It was truly an honor to cast my humble line into the reflections of oaks and pines in the company of the great spey casters of the world and in the spirit of those before us last weekend in San Francisco, an experience I won't forget and long to repeat. To say it was an appropriate backdrop is an understatement, it's a place of great energy and power for all who visit. The work of Bill Ward, Mel Krieger, Mariusz Wroblewski, and the entire team of generous and high-spirited GGACC members was inspiring and greatly appreciated by all. The casting prowess of the "big guns" in attendance was complemented by the sincere interest, desire to learn and most of all the camaraderie of all; everyone taking something special away from the weekend without a doubt.

In the days to come I will be preparing a photo essay of the event using images provided by the professional photographer on the scene, George Nikitin. I have a mountain of catch-up tasks to attend to currently but as soon as I see daylight I will get this gallery up for all to enjoy.

We will also be hosting the auctions for the items donated to the GGACC here on the Speypages and Flyfishing Forum. They will begin as soon as the details are worked out with Bill Ward.

My most sincere thanks to all who gave their time, skills and energy to make this event simply incredible. Your generosity and dedication to our sport has left us with a memory that will stay with us throughout our angling lifetimes.


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Juro, Bob Meiser

It was great to meet you at this event Sunday and to introduce you to my Trophy Bride.

We were there for only aabout two hours due to other commitments. My wife knew one other person, Bob Meiser, whom she meet briefly two years ago when I adopted two of his rods.

She could not believe how friendly and helpful all of the Spey Clavers were to people like her.

She laughed when Bob got jumped by a marshall for clearing out a tent about 40' behind him while showing me how to overhand cast a Carron Jetstream with his new rod. She couldn't understand the problem. There were no hooks and only about 700 grains of 100' of fly line ripping back into the tent. She labeled them Woosies. :hehe:

I had to laugh at those who jumped all over you on Dan Blanton's web site. That is their problem CND's new coastal/ocean rods and Meize's will enable a lot of us to really fish the coastal shores with ease. While they laugh and screw up their elbows and arms trying to double haul a single handed rod into a 40 mph ocean breeze.

Again it was great to meet you in person.
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