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With the way that "Spey Fishing" is taking off and revolutionizing.....what and the heck is this sport going to look like in 20 years! :Eyecrazy: I think its pretty darn cool to tell you the truth. We have new rods, new graphite strains. Things keep getting lighter and stronger. We have this web forum that brings everyone across the globe together under one roof; Pro's and beginners alike.

We hear from the rod makers on a pretty regular basis of whats happening behind the production doors. New reels spring up with smother drags, higher capacities, larger arbors, etc.

Sooo, my question is: Whats up with the line manufacturers? I understand there is a standard in the making for line weight designations, etc. Are the line companies growing at or near the same pace as everything else? Are there folks out there working on lines (namely long bellies and their excessive weights) to allow the same level of expansion and diversity as the rod makers?

Being 6000 miles away from anything green, lush, flowing, fresh, and Chrome I have way too much time to think about things....as you can see. I have two, million dollar ideas....well maybe not million dollar ideas but you know what I mean

First - A long belly line that doesnt weigh a billion grains that could accomodate all these sleek, light rods coming out.....for those long belly, traditional casting style folks.

Second - A Spey Magazine. There are a slough of fly fishing magazines out there. Some dabble here and there on this spey revolution and thats been only recently. It seems that most of the folks into spey spend more time working out kinks, digging up grain weights, tweaking lines and spending high dollars on the best of fly trying materials for flies. Soo, wouldnt a strictly spey magazine kick this thing right in the @$$? It would be a staple for the Pro, a guide for the learning (which is where I am), and would probably push the curious over the edge. I know I'd have a subscription (probably a life-time subscription) to a "Spey Fisherman" magazine. Wouldnt that be cool!?

If I had the brains, the finances, and a job that would allow the time.....I would be all over that second idea like white on rice. I am thinking about learning how to splice a fly line together and see if I cant figure out the first idea. Sorry for blabbering....I was bored. They say fly fishing is a hobby......Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!
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