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ALL LINES REDUCED TO $25 PER LINE - Have been doing a little consolidating in my gear room and this should be the last batch of single hand lines. All are new in the box. Each line is $25 shipped and paypal'd CONUS. Please PM with questions. Thanks...

If someone wants more than a single line...take $2.50 off per additional line as I will combine the shipping. For instance...a pair of lines would be $47.50...3 lines would be $67.50...and so on.

Cortland Lines:

444SL Clear WF4I Intermediate Rocket Taper
444 WF4S Sinking Rocket Taper Type 2 Fast Sink (SPF)
444SL Clear WF5 F/I Intermediate Clear Sink Tip Rocket Taper Ghost Tip (SPF)
(2) 444 WF5S Sinking Rocket Taper Type 2 Fast Sink
444 WF5I Intermediate Rocket Taper
444 WF8S Sinking Rocket Taper Type 3 Extra Fast Sink (SPF)

Orvis Wonderline Advantage WF3F Trout (SPF)

1 - 2 of 2 Posts