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Good afternoon,

I am looking for some lodge suggestions for Alaska next summer and some first hand comments. My significant other and I are trying to plan a trip to an all inclusive lodge next summer (either fly in or fly out or both) with a main target of rainbows. I do a steelhead / salmon trip to smithers/terrace every fall so I can get my anadromous fix then.

Thank you in advance

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talk to charlie

as much as Charlie Summerville has a fetish for chasing steelhead down the Aleutian chain he has been the proud owner of Alaska trophy Adventures on the Alagnak River in Katmai National Park for around twenty five years. Your wife/"significant other" will experience a first class operation with all the amenities of home.

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I was fortunate to do an artists residency at Bristol Bay Lodge year before last, and I couldn't begin to say enough good about the operation. The fishing options are incredible- from moused rainbows and char, to grayling, to whatever salmon run your trip coincides with. The manager Steve Laurent, the pilots, guides and support staff were unfailingly professional and great company as well. An incredible time.

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Mykiss, The main thing in my opinion is you have to decide is if you are looking for a full flyout trip with daily flyouts each day, or going to a nice river based lodge with great local fishing at a reasonable price.

All inclusive lodge packages will run from $6800-$9800 per week pp,vs a wilderness fly in lodge that is river based and can offer an optional flyout if needed or wanted, as these trips run from $4900-6,000 per week for non flyout fishing and you can add on an extra $400-500 a day for optional flyouts if you desire.

It boils down to how much time you want to spend in airplanes each day vs actually fishing, and taking in the weather conditions and what happens when you can't flyout and that you still paid the premium for the daily flyouts included.

After working in Alaska for the past 27 seasons as a pilot- guide i have seen and had to deal with all the circumstances and worked at both types and they both have advantages and disadvantages.

In the end it boils down to your budget and the actual trip of what you want to get for your money.
And if you want or need to spend money to stay at the Alaska Ritze Carlton, with designer curtains, $500 bottles of wine French wine, and a fleet of floatplanes sitting on the dock just to be able to go fishing each day.

Just a few of the facts to consider in my opinion when choosing a destination.
Why the difference in Alaska fishing lodge Prices.

1 fishing location- does the lodge have great fishing available 24/7 from the lodge without having to do flyouts.

2. do you need to do flyouts each day and pay an additional $2000-$4000 per week or would 1 or 2 days optional be fine.

3. The Owners, sales dept and Managers of many large lodges in Alaska are not the same people that are on site running them as most of the big lodges are all owned by huge corporations and the owners are in California or Dallas running fortune 500 companies. Again my opinion is that a true owner operator should be on site and active each day to talk with the clients and make daily decisions.

4. History and experience speaks volumes consistent staff not new owners and managers every couple years

5. Do i need unlimited fifty dollar bottles of wine and all the Scotch i can drink included with a french trained chef or can a great home cooked meal and and a good glass of red wine surpass.

Here is a list of 10 popular lodge picks for you to consider looking at that are all in the BB area and have been in business for over 15 years. Some are full flyout lodges and a couple are River based lodges. I will list them in order of price to make it simple and break it down to river based or Full flyout do your homework and talk to the owners personally,not booking agents and have them explain things to you so there is no misunderstanding. As in the past some booking agents sometime leave out some details and are not there when you arrive to fix them.

Crystal Creek Lodge - Naknek River - Full flyout -- $9800 per week
Enchanted Lake Lodge -Nonvianuk Lake - Full Flyout -- $9200 per week
Alaska Sportsmen Lodge -Kvichak River - Full Flyout - $9100 per week
No See Um Lodge - Kvichak River - Full Flyout---$9,000 per week
Royal Coachmen Lodge --Tikchik Lake Outlet - Full Flyout -$8350 per week
Alaska Rainbow Lodge - Kvichak River - Full Flyout - $8200 per week
Bristol Bay Lodge Lake Aleknagik - Full Flyout -- $8150 per week
Mission Lodge Lake Aleknagik - Full Flyout -- $7900 per week
Alaska Trophy Adventures Alagnak River - River based/Opt flyouts - $5800pp plus $400-$500 for flyouts
Katmai Lodge - Alagnak River -- River based/With optional flyouts $5850

All the above listed lodges have sent hundred's if not thousands of happy guests home over the years just everyone is a bit different and do things that others don't. Personality is a must to match with the staff and owners of you and your wife. DO your homework and have a great trip next summer.

If you have any further detailed questions or just want the real scoop on fishing in BB , I'm always around to chat hope this helps a bit. Again this info is just my opinion hope it helps point you in the right direction.

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